Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Really? Another wine blog. How unique.

A few weeks ago, I went over to my friend, Laura's, apartment for a night in with some good wine, good food and a few friends of Laura's I'd yet to meet.

Since Laura was picking up all the food and since I am an oenophile, I offered to bring a few bottles of wine. To be perfectly honest, I actually hadn't tried either of the wines I'd brought , but they were suggested to me by trusted sources so I decided to take a chance. Luckily I can still trust those sources because the wines (Casa Julia Carmenere and a Bandol from a producer I unfortunately can't remember) were perfect for the almonds, manchego cheese, soppressato, crusty french bread, olives and hummus we grazed on that evening.

Over the course of the evening, Laura's friends decided that I needed to write a wine blog. they told me I was speaking so passionately about the wine that I should share my thoughts. Clearly they won the argument which brings me here to "Wineocracy."

The truth is that as much of a "wine snob" as I profess to be, I think wine is one of the most accessible hobbies out there. I mean how many hobbies do you know that can cater to $3.00 tastes and $1,500 tastes? I tend not to buy the $3 wine, but I am far, far away from buying a $1,500 bottle either.

Wineocracy is the wine blog for people who don't rule out any wine but white zinfandel. Hey, even boxed wine can make a great sangria.

So welcome and please let us know - what have you corked lately and why?

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Pamela said...

FINALLY - at long last your knowledge at my fingertips since sadly, you're not always at my fingertips.
I look forward to many more tales of wine and such by the best palatte in the northeast (at least)!