Friday, April 17, 2009

The best kind of drunk there is

I am sober. I swear I am sober. However, it is 12:18am and I am still at work having arrived at 7:45am. I am in the midst of what we in my industry affectionately call a "brand plan." Actually, we have a lot of other, more colorful names for it, but I won't go into that here.....

That said, it's pretty incredible how lack of sleep and intense focus on data and power point charts can put one in such a slap happy, giggly mood. I wish my attitude would have involved a nice California Meritage or Oregon Pinot Noir or aged Cote du Rhone, but sometimes you just have to go with a fun pack of grape Nerds, a handful of Goldfish crackers (tossed over your cubicle by a friendly co-worker), some "aged" pretzels and a vintage Kashi frozen dinner (Kashi is a lot better when not caked in freezer burn).

However, if I were in the comfort of my own home and not sleeping, I'd definitely be drinking one an Oregon Pinot Noir or a California Meritage to take the edge off of this crazy work week. What pairs better with absolute frustration, annoyance, exhaustion and general pissiness than a good, complex red? I really can't think of anything (o.k., maybe tequila).

I hope you enjoyed my w(h)ine tip of the evening.

Take it easy and have a great weekend.



elliej said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your work day. Guess that's the signal for a nice glass of pinot noir, to take the edge off my empathy! (Is 11:30 am too early to start?)

Alli M. said...

11:30am = 5:30pm in France
Thus, it is not too early to start in on a glass of Pinot Noir - especially if it's French. then again, a lot of the Oregon wineries grow from Burgundy Clones so that's gooid enough for me!

Liga Inggris said...

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