Sunday, April 12, 2009

Skip the $3 buck Chuck - I've got a better suggestion from Trader Joe's

This past weekend I went down to Norfolk, Virginia to celebrate the Passover Seder and enjoy a little R&R with my cousins. As the self-described "wine snob," I was committed to bringing several bottles of wine to the seder. Since neither my cousins nor I am strictly observant, I did not pick Kosher for Passover wines and just opted for some favorites. The bottles I chose (St Supery Cabenert Sauvignon, Zaca Mesa Syrah, King Estate Pinot Gris) went over very well, but those are tried and true for me. What I really learned about wine (well, more my palette) when I was down in Virginia is that there is a Cabernet France out there that I like!

At dinner Thursday night, my aunt served a bottle of 2006 Franc/Merlot by the California Wine Party. She'd picked it up for $6 at her local Trader Joe's. The wine was 70% Cabernet Franc. I've never enjoyed Cabernet Franc as I think it generally is a bit harsh and taste too much like rubbing alcohol (not that I've tasted many rubbing alcohol vintages). However, on Thursday, I was pleasantly surprised. The nose was really fruity with just a little oak and the wine itself was quite nice. The initial taste was tart raspberry with a dry, peppery finish that balanced out the fruit.

I've never liked the "$3 buck (formerly $2 buck) Chuck" (Charles Shaw is the actual name) and the $3.99 syrah I picked up a few weeks ago was a bust, BUT now I've found a $6 bottle to look for at my Trader Joe's. And my faith in Cabernet Franc was restored - for now at least.

See, good wines do happen to good oenophiles....

Until the next tasting, shopping trip, pairing dinner or adventure -- cheers!


elliej said...

You really lucked out. I attended two seders where Manischewitz sweet cherry wine was in ample supply. Ugh! It was like drinking syrup. (Sorry for the negative syrup reference, yebee!)

Alli M. said...

I told you to pack your own bottle as any true wine fan would!