Monday, May 4, 2009

A few good ground rules for wine tastings

The last week has been quite busy and though I was just at a wine tasting, I'm about ready for another one. A wine tasting is a great way to spend an evening, or even just 30 minutes when dropping by a local wine store. However, no matter how formal or informal, there are some general ground rules to follow:

1) Eat something - No one likes the people swaggering around the tasting
2) Ask questions - But try to avoid ones where you compare a rose to a white zinfandel (seriously, though, don't be scared to ask anything - there are probably other people who are trying to look like they know everything but are relieved that someone is asking about something they'd like to know)
3) Try something you've never heard of or haven't liked in the past - If the wine tasting is free, what have you go to lose? If you've already paid for the wine tasting, what have you got to lose? you might surprise yourself.

1) Finish the glass if you don't like it - Unless you like drinking stuff you don't like and/or just want to get really drunk
2) Hit on the sommelier/proprietor/person pouring - Unless he/she is really cute and/or there's a free bottle in it for you (just kidding - they're just trying to do their job, let them - then again, this yielded me a free bottle at my last tasting, but that's another story for another time....)
3) Nudge other patrons away from the tasting table - That's just mean.

I'm sure if pressed (yes, pun intended), I could come up with some additional Dos and Don'ts, but these are the biggest ones that seem to come up.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Wine tastings are meant to be fun. I'm already looking forward to the next one.....



ellenmeyer said...

I'm really interested in your free bottle story.

ellenmeyer said...

Free bottle story, next post?

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