Friday, May 29, 2009

Great Summer Rose - Takolina Rubentis Rose

Last night a few friends and I stopped in at one of my favorite local wine stores, Amanti Vino, to pick out a wine for our book group's monthly meeting. Though the sky was grey and the temperature was unseasonably chilly, we decided to bring a rose (which tends to pair perfectly with warm summer days and picnic food). Thad, a knowledgable, patient and very tall sales person, directed us to Takolina Rubentis Rose. He explained it was very fruit forward with a hint of effervescence. It sounded interesting so we went for it.

The nose was bright and full of strawberry and the color was a lovely light, irrdescent pink, or as one person commented: "It's glowing." (But not in the scary Chernobyl way). The wine itself was a little drier than I expected and though I got the starwberries on the nose and in the first taste, they dissipated quickly and I got a little hit of mineral at the end. I'm guessing that was the effervescence. All in all, I'm really glad we took the chance because it was a tasty, light and easy to drink wine that paired very well with my black bean and avocado salad (on that front I wish it was a little more salad and a little less black bean). Moreover, my friend who ordered a cheddar burger was impressed with the way it stood up to the meat. So here's something else to add to your list of wines to try this summer.

Enjoy and happy weekend!


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elliej said...

Yep, we'll put it on our list. You're such a great resource.