Monday, June 22, 2009

91, Shminedy One

Earlier tonight some friends of mine and I met up at a bar for what was supposed to have been trivia night. Since the trivia guy was out of town, we decided to leave the land of watered down pinot grigio poured from large format bottles and venture to a place that was known to have a better wine list.

Unfortunately there wasn't a lot on the list that sounded good, but after much discussion, we ended up ordering a bottle of the Achaval Ferrer Malbec. The last few times I've had malbec it has not been good (o.k., outside of the amazing stuff I tried at Paul Hobbs). I get the feeling that it's become a bit too popular too fast, and thus over planted. However, I'd never tried this particular malbec and it wasn't too pricey, so I figured why not. I don't think the bottle was bad, but the nose seemed to indicate otherwise and there was little flavor but tannins and acid in the glass. Over the course of the evening, the tannins mellowed a bit and I could get some berry goodness, but it was limited.

I came home tonight to look up the wine and found that Robert Parker had given the 2006 a 92 and Wine Spectator had given the wine a 91 (we drank the 2007). I sure hope that I was mistaken and that we got a bad bottle.

Then again, it goes to show that every palette is different and what may move the Wine Spectator and Robert Parker may not move me (or you) - even if they are the experts. Wine is a subjective taste in the best way possible so don't believe you like something because someone (like me) tells you you're supposed to. Like what you like and drink what you like (unless it's white zin in which we need to have a talk).

Until the next bottle is uncorked -- Cheers,


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elliej said...

I'm actually making progress, thanks to your "lessons". I am one of those for which every glass of wine tasted fine, except I could tell that some tasted better than others. Don't ask me about "musk" or "cherry" or what my nose senses. That's way above me. Anyway, a few weeks ago we were at a favorite restaurant and I ordered my usual wine. It tasted so thin. Aha, I thought, my palette's matiuring, thanks to Alli. But I never sent it back...