Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breathing is not just for people who meditate

Earlier tonight I went to one of my favorite local restaurants, Epernay, in town. It's a French restaurant and a BYO so naturally I had to bring a bottle of French wine. I grabbed a bottle I'd had in my "collection" (a.k.a. the sad little 4 cases that keep moving with me) for quite some time. It wasn't a particularly special bottle but it was a Cotes Du Rhone from 2000 that I thought would have some nice age on it.

Upon opening, I got a hit of must and oak and I was seriously worried that the wine had been corked. Luckily, this nose quickly gave way to something a bit more fruity, though it still had some mustiness to it. Initially, I didn't get a lot of fruit on the palette, but I got a lot of tannin on the finish. As the meal progressed, the wine really loosened up. What began as something a bit puckering and without a lot of character ended up up as a lovely bouquet of berries with a mouthful of dried cherries. My parents, who loved the wine at first sip (they're under the impression that every wine I pick is perfect), were a litle too hasty in finishing their glasses because by the end, I was savoring every last sip. Then again, I should have had the restaurant decant the bottle for a bit. I should know better! Oh well. It was still worth it.

So note to self, breathing is not just for yogis and people who meditate and call it a workout. Wines like to breathe as well. I wonder if they hate free weights as much as I do too?


-Alli M.

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elliej said...

Loved the dinner, loved the wine, loved the company -- and who says I'm not discerning??