Friday, June 19, 2009

Dela-where will I pick up my next bottle of wine?

My home state of Delaware recently tabled a bill that would allow grocery stores to start selling wine and beer. As much as I would like the convenience of shopping for wine and beer while also picking up my beloved microwave popcorn, I can't believe that any grocery store could have the selection or the knowledgable staff that a good local wine store offers.

Of course, Trader Joe's is the exception in terms of selection, but as much as I love Trader Joe's, a local wine store is still going to be a lot more helpful if you don't know what you want or should pick out.

Though I'm not anti-competition, I'm glad this will likely fail (there's still a chance it's considered next year) because I think it goes just a little way in supporting the education of wine consumers in the state of Delaware. Then again if all the shoppers get too educated then this column won't be read by the 10 people who currently read it and there goes my fun.....Hmmm. Maybe I need to re-think my position. Either way, it's Friday and time to get off my soap box.

To learn more about the bill:

Cheers, Happy Weekend and Love to all my Fellow Delawareans,

Alli M.


elliej said...

And hubby -- who is a Trader Joe's junkie -- would have loved to be able to get our 3-buck chuck at TJ's here in DE --

Alli M. said...

3 buck chuck is totally overrated
Double that and you can get much better bottles at TJs

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