Monday, July 27, 2009

Nothing to wine about.....

Oh the horror! I haven't had any wine in over a week so I haven't been posting. Sorry to my loyal readers - all 3 or 4 of you.

This past Saturday I had a nice dinner out, but it did not involve any alcoholic beverages, let alone wine. However, the food was so good that I barely even noticed. On Saturday night, my friends, Trish and Mike, and my brother, Matt, and I met up for dinner at Habana Outpost ( in the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn, NY. I enjoyed a flavorful, fresh chicken burrito and a spicy, literally mouth-watering corn on the cob.

If I would have paired my meal with anything, it would have been a cold glass of Riesling - likely a sweeter Spatlese or maybe even just a Kabinett. Kabinett is made from the least ripe Riesling grapes and produce the lightest style of wine with a low alcohol content (8-10%). Spatlese is made from Riesling grapes that are picked later and have a little more flavor. The sweeter Spatlese tends to pair very nicely with spicy foods. The sweetness and/or the lower alcohol content would have been refreshing with the spice of the corn.

Either way, now I know what wine to sneak into Habana Outpost next time I'm there.

Until the next glass (or the thought of the next glass),


Alli M.

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elliej said...

And I thought I was going through "wine withdrawal" by only having one glass in a week! I can't believe our oenophile had less than I...