Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4 Bottles and not a Sip

Last night was my first book club of the New Year and as usual the food was great, the conversation was better and the wine was, well, to be honest, I barely had a sip! No, I did not resolve to drink less wine in the New Year. I had a very early morning planned so I wanted to practice restraint. Plus, I was too busy scaring my friend, Robin's, baby with my Sesame Street impersonations.

That said, the hostess with the mostest, Rachel, sent me the list of wines that we drank. Since I didn't try all of them and thus have no tasting notes, I thought it would be fun to include what I would have tried to pair these with based on what everyone brought:

Torlasco, Pinot Grigio 2007 (White) -- Chisa's tofu salad, Robin's green salad, Kathleen's pita and veggie dip, Wendy N.'s carrot cake cupcakes
Ardiche Louis Latour, Chardonnay 2006 (White) -- Joanna's asparagus, My fondue (in which I used this Chardonnay), the Taleggio from Katie's cheese plate
Clos du Mont Olivet, Font de Blanche 2007 (Red) -- Rachel's lasagne, Manchego and Cheddar from Katie's cheese plate
Marco Real, Tempranillo 2005 (Red) -- Rachel's lasagne, Laurie's brownies

As always, it was a terrific evening with a bunch of wonderful women and hilarious conversation (it's truly surprising how many of my friends know details about their grandparents' sex lives). In fact, several of the afore-mentioned women and I are heading to our favorite wine bar for dinner on Friday night so hopefully I'll have an actual tasting to write about this weekend.

Until the next sip, sniff, quaff or Cookie Monster imitation,


Alli M.


Robin said...

c is for cookie...

Alli M. said...

dat good enuff for me

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