Sunday, March 20, 2011

Listen to your Mother!

My mother wrote me about a wine she had with dinner tonight and it sounds like a good value.  Since I'm
always on the lookout for a good value and I trust this particular palate, I thought I'd share.

Here's what my mom had to say:

"I had a wonderful glass of Spanish wine called Marques de Tomares. It was very full-bodied and went well with my roast beef."

When I heard the words "full bodied" and "Spanish" my immediate thought was tempranillo which meant that it was likely from Rioja or Ribera del Duero.  My instincts were right because this wine is about 90% tempranillo and it turns out it's from Rioja.  Most people think Rioja is a varietal and not a region, but if you like Riojas and/or Ribera del Duero (also a region in Spain that primarily uses tempranillo), it sounds like you will like this wine.  Moreover, I looked it up on and in my neck of the woods, it retails for about $12 - $18 (a wide range, I know, but I'm in the NYC Metro area so this is typical).  I'm guessing outside of New York you'll find it around $15, possibly a little less.  Definitely something worth taking a chance on.  I know I will when I see it in a store.

Until the next sniff, sip, quaff or mother's recommendation,


Alli M.


elliej said...

Thanks for the plug. (Now I've blown my cover.)

Akhadiwi Rajie said...

WONDERFUL Post. thanks for share.. more wait ..