Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1st Beer of the Trip!

Though it was our first night in Mendoza, we decided to veer from the obvious and we went to a local brew pub for dinner and beers. We didn't have Stella, but this was the only picture of beer I had from the trip. These big bottles or "double wides" as I call them are commonly served in restaurants in Argentina. At the brew pub, we all had the honey wheat beer which was quite good. Smooth, nutty with just a hint of sweetness. Nice cloudy honey color as well.

We paired our beers with pizza, which, was not so good. Unfortunately we've been a bit disappointed with the food. We expected to eat some of the best steak of our lives. What we've found is that they tend to under-season their steak (or maybe we over-season ours in the States!). Either way, we haven't been loving the steak.

Additionally, they seem to really love their cheese. The pizza we had tonight was basically bread with some oil and an over abundance of cheese. And yesterday, I ordered what I thought would be a tasty and light quinoa and pumpkin dish off of the "light choice menu" for lunch and it was basically melted cheese with some pumpkin and a few kernels of quinoa. Suffice it to say, I think I'll be holding off on cheese plates for a little while. I hope my fellow foodies and wine buddies back home understand.

One note - Aimee and Rachel have been raving about the helados (ice cream) as well as the sugar cones they come in. I've been trying to hold off as I'm usually too full after dinner, but I'm now thinking that I need to skip the meat, bacon and cheese dinners and go right to ice cream!

Until the next sniff, sip, quaff or ice cream,

Cheers and Ciao Ciao,

Alli M. (a.k.a. Farmacity and Disco Supermercado's biggest fan)

p.s. Tomorrow I will go back to talking about grape based beverages, I promise.


elliej said...

Sorry your experience with Argentinian food has been so unsatisfactory, but in spite of that, it sounds like you're having a grand time.

me said...

Definitely go for the helado!

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