Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last Tango in Buenos Aires

For our final night in Buenos Aires, my friends and I attended a tango show. for those who know me, you know I don't love doing the obvious tourist things, but, when in Buenos Aires.....

The show opened with a seeming rip-off of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal," but it got better from there! The dancers were truly talented and though the storyline was a bit melodramatic, we had a good time. Moreover, our show came with a complimentary lesson beforehand. I barely remember the steps at this point, but the instructor was quite good and very, very patient. I have some video of my friend, Aimee, dancing but she'd kill me if I posted it and I'd like to remain friends with her.

We also had dinner with our show. We didn't expect the food or the wine to be good and we weren't let down on this account! The red wine would have been better off being re-packaged as varnish or perhaps rubbing alcohol while the white wine had a terrible nose of dried out raisin (not something you'd expect or want from a Chardonnay). They could have turned it into sherry - then again, it still would have been an incredibly crappy sherry. Well, we didn't expect much so we just went with it and the upside is that we barely indulged which made it easier to pack last night.

This morning we headed out to Mendoza. We had a nice lunch and enjoyed a bottle of Trivento Dulce Natural Vino Blanco with our meal. I had originally ordered a Torrontes, but the waiter told us this was better and the same price. It was very sweet - think a semi-dry Riesling. Like Riesling, it had some lovely tropical notes along with a lush mouth feel. I'm guessing the waiter assumed that 3 women wanting a white wine would want something on the sweet side (an assumption I'm constantly battling), but as my friend, Aimee reminded me, we were in Mendoza enjoying a local wine with our lunch. Really, can anything be bad about that?
Tomorrow we head to four different vineyards as well as a private winemakers dinner so I should have some more things to say tomorrow!
Until Manana (or the next sniff, sip or quaff),
Alli M.

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elliej said...

Hey, you are a tourist so you've got to do something touristy.