Saturday, October 16, 2010


I need to come clean. I don't drink every day. In fact, I don't drink a lot of days and for the past three weeks I have barely had any wine. Moreover, the products that finally brought me back to the blog aren't even wines (o.k., one is made from grapes but is generally not considered a wine)

Yesterday I attended Expo East, a Natural and Organic products trade show. While walking the show floor, a few spirited gentlemen at an Organic Tequila booth encouraged me to try their product.

My response, "It's 10:30am."

Theirs, "C'mon. It's Organic and you're gonna love it."

Me again,"Uh. No I really shouldn't."

Theirs, "Just try it."

Me, "Sure. Why not."

Clearly I didn't learn my lesson from ABC's after-school specials. I'm glad I didn't because that was the smoothest, cleanest tequila I'd ever tried. Unfortunately I was focusing on Natural and Organics food trends so I didn't write down the name. I don't drink or seek out a lot of tequila but hopefully I'll get the chance to try this brand again. After that, I stuck to the gluten free products and coconut water that dominated the show. And yes, there are too many brands of coconut water.

So, it shouldn't surprise you that the first thing I did after getting home today was to stop by my local wine store, Amanti Vino, for their weekly tasting. I enjoyed the line-up, as I always do, but the highlight was when the proprietor, Sharon, took me aside to try some Pisco she'd recently picked up in Chile. Pisco, a brandy made from the muscat grape, is considered the national bdrink of both Chile and Peru. I'd heard of it, but I'd never tried it before. Mistral, the brand that Sharon shared with me, is not available locally, though Sharon is now working on bringing it into her store -- and with good reason. I tend not to like brandy, but this was absolutely lovely with a deep golden color and notes of apricot and peach. It just slid down the back of my throat.

Next Saturday I'll be attending an Oktoberfest celebration featuring some excellent German and Austrian wines and beers and I expect to have a lot to write. Perhaps I'll even have somethine else between now and then - even if it's a shot of organic tequila.

Until the next sniff, sip or quaff,


Alli M.


Vita Coco said...

If there are too many coconut water brands, the most popular is Vita Coco

Pamela said...

we need to get a bottle somehow.
can you score one?