Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What is the rule that says that wine served at large company gatherings has to suck?!?

After my Monday flight debacle, I finally made it down to my company's annual sales meeting. I was hoping I'd have some fun new wines to talk about but I haven't tried anything yet that I've wanted to write about or even learn the name of.

This is not a new phenomenon for me. I've yet to go to a company-wide event where my wine choices haven't been a thin, tasteless merlot or a sticky, burnt cabernet sauvignon or an overoaked, butter soaked chardonnay. I know that these are popular grape varietals and so it can be a little tougher to find truly good, value merlots, cabernet sauvignons or chardonnays, but why can't any hotel or convention center seem to want to even try? Or why don't they try some of the more unique varietals. The wine is usually "free" for the attendees so even if they raise an eyebrow and look at the waiter or bartender weird, they're going to try the wine.

Just my two cents. For this trip I'll be sticking to my vodka soda with a twist of orange. Not as refreshing as Moscato D'Asti, but good luck finding that at a company event (or Camenere or even Riesling or half decent Pinot Noir).

Have a lovely afternoon and stay cool.


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elliej said...

I'm with you. I've tasted more thin and bitter stuff at fancy holiday parties at our local hotel. That hotel has a great reputation nationally and locally so you'd think it could get its wine act together.