Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What wine pairs with a crap day.....

For those who know me and/or don't really know me but have the pleasure of being my Facebook friend, you'll notice the title of this article from my latest statement on Facebook.

The other day I pulled out of my narrow driveway a bit too fast and managed to scrape up my 2 week old car. Since it's brand new and the scrapes and dents are really noticeable I feel compelled to get it fixed. For several hours I was not too happy with myself, but then I gained the much needed perspective and figured I'd been through worse things and coped with all of them. Not that my life has been so tragic or anything, but we're all going to have bad days now and again and after a long, hard day where I feel like the goblet is half full with bad wine, I like to come home and treat myself to something a little special. Thus, the official list of crappy day pairings:

Scrape up brand new car: A fruit forward, medium bodied Syrah with lots of spice; (Though it has to be budget because you'll be shelling out for some repairs soon enough)
(Total brand new car: Vodka and soda, light on the soda)

Laid off: Whatever your friends can afford to buy you (if they still have secure jobs, I'd shoot for a bottle of $25-$35 Cabernet Sauvignon out of Napa/Sonoma; for that money you can find some pretty nice stuff, but it's not too ridiculous)
(Laid off along with several friends: Homemade sangria featuring your favorite boxed wine)

Break Up: Rich, full bodied pinot noir from Oregon (and try to treat yourself to a nice dinner along with it)
(Bad Break Up: Skip the wine and go straight for the tequila - Don Julio Silver or Patron Silver should do the trick)

Fight with a Friend: Something spicey, ruby and lively from the Riber Del Duero region in Spain (primary grape is Tempranillo)
(Really Bad Fight with a Good Friend: Buy the best bottle you can afford and split it with said friend; Really Bad Fight with a Shitty Friend: Buy the best bottle you can afford and drink it all yourself!)

Fight with Parents: Bold, jammy and full bodied Primitivo from Italy (Primitivo is thought to be closely related to red zinfandel)
(Bad Fight With Parents: Whatever wine/spirit/beer/drink they disapprove of the most and lots of it)

In Law Trouble (not that I'd know, but I'm just saying): Forget drinking and head straight to drunk - Simple table wine from your current favorite producer should do the trick - You'll likely need more than one bottle so try to keep it budget
(Bad In Law Trouble: I'm in no position to make the call but I'm guessing whiskey.....)

I'm sure there are many more we could come up with and discuss. Feel free to add any of your own.

Either way, I hope the future holds good days for us all and when it doesn't, you know what to cork.



elliej said...

Very imaginative column! You ARE clever.

Pamela said...

gotta love that even a car mishap inspires you to rise to the occasion and compliment your experience with, once again, perfect drinks to suit the moment.

you are the best

Anonymous said...

What pairs with being surrounded by less than intelligent (ahem, some might say idiots) at work?

Alli M. said...

Jen: If I could figure that one out, I'd open a wine store catering to just that and make a pile of money!!!! I'm still trying to figure out what pairs with an annoyingly loud cube mate who spends an inordinat amount of time speaking Spanish on personal phone calls.