Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All day meetings and wine daydreams

So I'm in an all day meeting and only about 1/4 of the information pertains to my work. To that end, I thought I'd hop on to write a quick entry of the wine I'm daydreaming about while in this meeting.

A few years ago I had the fortune of visiting the Douro wine region in Portugal. It's in the North, about 2 hours East of Porto and it's a wonderful, emergin region. One of my favorite Quintos (wineriesa) was Quinto de la Rosa. they make a lovely, dark, inky tinto (red wine) that has smoke and blackberry notes and just the right amount of oak. What I love about wines from the Douro is that though they tend to have a little spice to them, they tend to pair well with a variety of foods and even do well in the summer (with BBQ, naturally). Right now I'm dreaming of a glass of Quinto de la Rosa's red wine. The idea of it is keeping me (relatively) sane through this long day.

I hope your daydreams are as lovely.


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elliej said...

Gee, and I used to daydream about guys...