Monday, June 15, 2009

Vive La European Commission!

When it comes to wine I don't always agree with the European Commission (don't get me started on the whole "can't call a sparkling wine made outside of the Champagne region a Champagne"). However, they made the right call when it came to protecting the sanctity of a favorite summer wine of mine, rose.

A few days ago my mother sent me an article alerting me to a law that the EU was considering that would allow wine makers to create rose out of blending red and white wines. As the French would say (and probably did say), "Zut alors!" They also probably said something about a "batard" and I'll leave you to your own devices to determine the translation for that word. Keep in mind that many bottles of rose produced outside of Europe are made this way and I'm sure many are quite good but there's something about a Provencal rose, or even a Provencal style rose, that is classic, timeless and just should not be messed with.

Luckily, this idea never gained much traction and it was scrapped by the European Commission last week.

To learn more:

Time to get off my wine box and maybe go enjoy a glass of a traditional Provencal rose.

Alli M.


elliej said...

What fun to be a source for one of your blog postings! L'chaim!!

Anonymous said...

So...would you favor similar laws regulating maple syrups?

Alli M. said...

Hmmmm....depends on if we're talking real maple syrup or not. then again, this is the U.S. and we don't regulate our food that closely or take it as seriously which might not be the best thing.